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Hi there! I'm Nicole and I am so happy you are here. Together with my husband Joe we are raising three wonderful boys.  Facing new challenges everyday.  Join me as I share with you on topics from parenting and marriage, to living life to the fullest with God at the forefront.

Boymom: Teaching Our Boys to Respect Women and Themselves

By Nicole Biase October 1, 2018

  I’ve always known that God gave me all boys for a reason.  As much as I wanted a little girl, that wasn’t in His plan.  I joke that He gave me boys because I’d have too many expectations of a girl.  I would want her to be just like I was when I was growing up.  She’d be in cheerleading, dance, and all things girly.  With my luck, she would love sports, refuse to wear dresses, and drive me absolutely crazy.  With boys, there were no real expectations other than to be a good person and have integrity.  They can be what they want to be and do whatever sports or hobbies interest them.  My job is to support them and love them.  As my boys get older, however, I am faced with a new set of expectations.  I am realizing why God has put me in a home of all males.  I have always been a slight feminist.  I’ve grown up around very strong, passionate women that taught me so much about life and strength.  I have always been treated by my parents with as much dedication and expectation as my brother.  I was taught how to work, save, and spend appropriately.  The entrepreneur gene was passed onto me, and my father has more faith in me than I do on most days.  This has all trained me up to be a strong female influence in my children’s lives.  I always thought it would be good to pass…

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Hannah Can Help: Finding God’s love in miscarriage and child loss

By Nicole Biase August 29, 2018

In life there is pain. There are experiences that leave a footprint on our soul and we are never the same. For me, this is pregnancy loss. With each loss comes new understanding of myself and the Lord’s plan for my life. When I was twenty three I found out my husband and I were expecting for the first time. The excitement that surrounded this news was palpable. My mom bought me maternity clothes and baby clothes within the first week of the announcement. Two weeks later, that baby left my womb leaving an emptiness that I had never felt before. So many thoughts ran through my mind. What did I do? Was it a punishment for some bad choices I had made earlier in my life? Did I eat the wrong foods, or exercise too much? Maybe it was because I had had a couple glasses of wine before I found out I was expecting? Looking for answers, I went the medical route and seeing the opinion of my doctor as to why this happened to me. How could l prevent it from happening in the future? Of course he could give me no real reason as to why it happened and told me that it happens a lot. I was not a special case, however, it didn’t feel that way. This was my baby and I felt a terrible loss. It didn’t matter if it happened to everyone, why did it happen to me? With fear and trepidation I went on to conceive my first son a few months later without any problems. Fast forward seven years.…

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