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Hi there! I'm Nicole and I am so happy you are here. Together with my husband Joe we are raising three wonderful boys.  Facing new challenges everyday.  Join me as I share with you on topics from parenting and marriage, to living life to the fullest with God at the forefront.

Faith When You’re Upside Down: Getting out of the funk!

By Nicole Biase November 10, 2018

  What do you think of when you hear the word faith? Is it merely a descriptive word you use or one you use to convey sincerity to a statement, “I have faith in you, you can do it!” Or is it a verb? A verb is something that you do, an action. Faith is most definitely a verb. It is something that you do every day without even thinking about it. When you sit down at your kitchen table in the morning, you are exhibiting faith in action. You believe before you even sit down that the chair will hold you and not crumble underneath you. When you are at an amusement park and you hop aboard the sky glider. You are putting faith in all of the people that maintain and run that ride that when you sit down in the seat dangling by a cable, it will guide you safely to the other side. We put faith in other drivers that they will obey the traffic laws. We put so much faith in people and things every minute of our lives. Why do we have such a hard time putting our faith in God? We have faith in humans whom we have never met and are imperfect, but we don’t have faith in our God who is perfect. We can’t say it’s because we don’t see God. We don’t see half of the people we put our faith into, yet we do. Is it because they too…

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3 Levels of Forgiveness: Understanding What Forgiveness Is and What it is Not

By Nicole Biase October 23, 2018

    Why should we forgive? What purpose does it serve us or the person that hurt us? This is a hot button topic that everyone has dealt with at some time. It’s important for us to realize what forgiveness looks like and what it isn’t. It is also hard for us to understand where God is in the process? If we are good Christians we feel that we should be excused from pain and harm. The fact is that evil lurks all around us and even good people make mistakes. I grew up with a father that cared very much about me, but had a very different way to show it. As I got older I realized that he must have a bit of a narcissistic personality disorder. We were made to do everything his way. If I was upset or sad and he didn’t think that was an acceptable emotion at that time, I had to stop. I had to be happy. If I didn’t choose to change my emotions with his, there was a price to pay. I learned very quickly to suppress my true feelings and put a smile on. My life was pretty much planned out for me since I was a zygote. If there was any deviation from what he wanted me to do, there was no support. I have done many things in my forty years to make him happy completely disregarding what I really want and need. I never realized how much…

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