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Hi there! I'm Nicole and I am so happy you are here. Together with my husband Joe we are raising three wonderful boys.  Facing new challenges everyday.  Join me as I share with you on topics from parenting and marriage, to living life to the fullest with God at the forefront.

God’s Timing Is The Right Timing

By Nicole Biase February 5, 2020

Is it time yet??? Now??? When???? Can you hear me???? Hello, God???? How often I feel like these are the questions of my day. It has been known to me for most of my life that patience is something that I have to work on. The problem with patience is that it is easier said than done. In our society today we crave instant gratification. When we want something we type in the words in our browser, click and done. Anything our heart desires is at our fingertips. We get into the habit of translating this action to our actual lives. When something isn’t done right this second we get irritated. Waiting in line for a person to help us is such an inconvenience. This seems to be a generation of now. We all need to learn how to calm down, take a breath and relax. Most of the things that we get so impatient over are really so insignificant in our lives. They are situations that inconvenience us and it is just too much to take. When we look at the big picture it all seems so trivial. Why are we in such a hurry? So, something is happening in your life that you cannot control. You are waiting for results, someone to love, or answers to questions that need to be answered. These are the situations that really challenge our level of patience. When you are in the waiting in the line of life it is hard to…

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I’ve Been Used By Someone And It Hurts: How God uses us vs. people.

By Nicole Biase December 26, 2019

I thought we were there because we were wanted. We weren’t. it had nothing to do with love. We were used.

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