God’s Timing Is The Right Timing

Is it time yet??? Now??? When???? Can you hear me???? Hello, God???? How often I feel like these are the questions of my day. It has been known to me for most of my life that patience is something that I have to work on. The problem with patience is that it is easier said than done. In our society today we crave instant gratification. When we want something we type in the words in our browser, click and done. Anything our heart desires is at our fingertips. We get into the habit of translating this action to our actual lives. When something isn’t done right this second we get irritated. Waiting in line for a person to help us is such an inconvenience. This seems to be a generation of now. We all need to learn how to calm down, take a breath and relax. Most of the things that we get so impatient over are really so insignificant in our lives. They are situations that inconvenience us and it is just too much to take. When we look at the big picture it all seems so trivial. Why are we in such a hurry?

So, something is happening in your life that you cannot control. You are waiting for results, someone to love, or answers to questions that need to be answered. These are the situations that really challenge our level of patience. When you are in the waiting in the line of life it is hard to sit still. It is easy to get mad at God and wonder what is taking so long. What is He waiting for? Unlike the line at the grocery store, we cannot see the line moving. We don’t know that we are next and the wait will not be much longer. We can’t see the finish line. All we are left with is our faith that He is working on it. In His own sweet time. Yes, His sweet time. Whether it is easily believed or not, God’s timing is the right timing. While we are impatiently waiting in limbo, He is working. Honestly, He is.

The neat thing about God is that He can see all things. He knows what has happened and what will happen. He is not in as big of hurry to resolve our waiting as He wants to make sure that it is done right. If He answered every prayer immediately it would be great for us. However, we cannot comprehend the cosmic reaction that it would have on everyone and everything else in our lives. He needs to make sure that it is all lined up properly in sequence to give us the best overall outcome. His silence in our time of question is really His attention to our situation. What we don’t realize is that He has been working on this for awhile and the pieces need to fit just right to complete the puzzle. That random person that you made a connection with months ago at your work could have been part of the plan already in motion.

Think of lives hills and valleys as an obstacle course that has already been set up. We’ve been training for this course for sometime without even knowing it. When we get to the course and it gets hard, we want to give up. We don’t understand how we can ever get through it. See, if you look deep inside of yourself, you will come to know that you can get through it. How? because you are already conditioned to do it. He has been working on you since day one. He has put in the work to put you through the paces so that you can finish. We not only need to be patient with God, we need to be patient with ourselves as well. Once we understand that God has it, it is out of our hands, but He is handling it, we can relax a bit.

Having faith is hard. For me, faith is a verb. It is something that I must think about and do, as well as, feel. As long as I have the faith of knowing that God is taking care of me, I know that I have whatever it takes to handle what is being thrown at me. He made me that way. So it makes life more exciting to realize that these minor inconveniences are all part of a bigger picture. We just get it fed to us bite by bite. We really couldn’t handle it if we got everything all at once.

Back to timing. God has the timeline set up from the jump. We feel certain things being laid on our hearts. This ignites the passion for them. It doesn’t always mean that once we feel the calling it is go time. It simply means that their is a call to action, and we should start thinking in that direction. If it doesn’t happen right away, that does not mean that you missed your calling. It simply means that you arrived their ahead of God. Things will happen that will slow you down. If you get too far ahead of the plan it will upset the rest of the balance that created the desire in the first place. It all needs to line up. Remember, that God wants us to be successful and fruitful. He doesn’t want us to flop. He is going to make sure that the job is done right from the start. When we start getting in our own head and calling all of the shots, the other shoe will eventually drop.

Remember Sarah and Abraham? Sarah couldn’t wait to have a baby and when she was unable to at the time she wanted it, she had Abraham sleep with her slave Hagar. Hagar conceived a child, but it was not at all what Sarah thought the outcome would be. It didn’t fulfill her, because it wasn’t the plan. God did give Sarah a child eventually, and she felt what she had desired. It was going to happen, just not right when she wanted it to. If she had been patient with God she could have avoided all of the angst. Then again, that was God’s plan to. I guess she had to learn patience the hard way. As some of us do.

No matter what you are waiting for, don’t give up hope. Keep praying and have faith that God is working behind the scenes. The outcome will be better than what you could have imagined. It may even be something that you did not know you needed. He is moving in big ways, but His timing is not the same as ours. He is not a part of this now society. His ways have not changed as ours have. He is the constant rock we need to lean on. Trust in Him with all, and trust in yourself. You are built for whatever God has planned for you.

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